The EZ Rail Promise

Join thousands of happy customers who have used the EZ Rails stair rail system over the past 30 years. You will be glad you did.

We are the only compliant balustrade company Ceritified by SABS 


Welcome to EZ Rails – EZ Rail Systems are the easiest,fastest and best balustrade solutions out there, for Home Owners,Contractors or "DIY"ers. Great customer service and an abundance of information found on our site, you can shop with confidence. 

Custom Made to Fit with No Fixed Sizes. Arrives on site pre-manufactured, complete ready to be installed with a simple seamless installation process. Unlike any other balustrade systems out there. Only use hand tools. Cuts installation time by a third, saving time and money.  

As a result of more than 30 years’ research, we have created and patented original architectural post balustrade kits systems, which are streamlined and simplified engineering systems that allow anyone, anywhere, to:

   1. Send their site measurements; 

   2. Choose their product and design;  

   3. Install the end product within the same day of order!

All our products are easy to assemble and always available in stock. 

Thanks to the flexibility of our balustrade design, which allows adjusting posts to fit any site conditions. 

  • Available in lengths of 6 meters;
  • Adjust to any stair gradients, adjust to any corner configurations. 
  • Do not need welding,mitering, joining,grinding or polishing.
  • Self- connecting ready- to- assemble kit systems. So simple, Just connect it!
  • No contamination and rust.  
  • Basic hand tools required.
  • YOU INSTALL Or have an EZRails fitter install for you at a nominal fee.
  • We deliver. (Subject to trading terms and conditions). 
  • We offer Balustrade Gate Kits.   
  • We offer Frameless glass and custom balustrades.
  • We manufacture and stock balustrade components, buy direct and save.  

The only pre-manufactured post railing systems, structurally engineered & Certified by SABS        

Our clients choose EZRails for one reason only, for our post railing systems, which are pre-manufactured with state-of- the-art materials and automatedrocesses. All details are carefully studied so as to comply with the newest safety and design trends, as well as meets both classic and modern tastes. EZ Rail balustrades have always successfully managed to incorporate beauty and practicality into every design.

We provide same day, low-cost, professional installation of both stainless steel and mild steel balustrade systems. Our systems are ideal for staircases, landings, balconies and walkways. Our very convenient design drastically reduces time on site, resulting in the most cost effective method of balustrade assembly on the market, which is why it is a preferred method of choice for property developers, contractors and homeowners.  

With EZRails Smart Balustrade Systems anyone can install their own balustrades, its childs play! 

Skill Level 3/10 needed. Only hand tools needed! You do not require an engineer certificate. By using EZRails Ready Made Post Systems, with no welding to top rail & infills, no joining, no grinding, no holes, all the work is done for you. It's all in the design! 

Available immediately, 24 hr service   

Easy To Install Balustrade Kit Systems

With our loyal customers’ interests at heart, we have designed kit systems that are simple and convenient to install. You don’t have to be a professional to an install EZ Rails system.  As the leading manufacturer and supplier of balustrades, we offer the Strongest, Safest, and Quickest DO- IT- YOURSELF System on the market, set for today’s designer trends.

We provide a choice between top and side mounted balustrades, which are available in the following styles:

  • Horizontal tube
  • Vertical tube
  • Glass with or without top rail
  • Cable balustrades
  • Pool balustrades
  • Frameless Glass 
  • Side wall handrails
  • Stair gates 

Please take note: EZRails products are patented, have copyrights & trademarks.  

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction         

EZ Rails/DSP has a sales network in over 30 countries. Our proven products, guaranteed with limited life time warranty.  Certified by SABS, Tested and approved and have a Q-Mark for our testing and research institutes. We also have ISO & KS certifications for all our products.

All our kit systems are pre-manufactured using QC ISO 9001:2000 robotic automated production processes to ensure peace of mind and quality assurance. We also have a Green Certification, which is our way of contributing to the environment. 

Please Note: Do not use cleaners containing Muriatic or Hydrochloric acid.Such cleaners will cause corrosion to all Stainless Steel Surfaces. Muriatic acid is commonly used for cleaning grout on tiles surfaces, when used even the fumes will cause corrosion and affect your balustrades. 


Balustrades Handrails


The Smart Balustrade Kit System, 5 Contemporary Styles To Choose From. Custom Made To Fit With No Fixed Sizes. Arrives On Site Pre-Manufactured Complete Ready To Be Installed. Structural Engineered SABS Certified & Tested To Meet Specifications Set. Cuts Installation Time By A Third Which Saves Time and Money. Contact Us For Custom Balustrade Design.

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