Ez Rails- It’s Railings In A Box!

One kit, one box, one solution!

Have you ever thought back to simpler times of the past- what was life like before all these revolutionary ideas like radio, space travel, sliced bread?! Well, EZ Rails is the sliced bread of modern balustrade installations! It’s quick, easy and most importantly, anyone can do it! It is a completely original and revolutionary system- it’s also the only one that allows for same day installation and effortless online ordering.


Stainless Steel is The New Green! 6 Tips to Creating a Greener Home.

stainless steel balustrades A green home doesn’t just mean recycling and printing less. In order for your home to be classified as “green” one must ensure efficient use of energy, and the building structure itself is must be eco-friendly, built from eco-friendly materials.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your lifestyle and your home reduce your carbon footprint.

How to get your home baby-ready

When a new year arrives, we see changes around every corner. People start new jobs, move into new homes and, ultimately, start new lives. But sometimes change comes with a lot of responsibility, and we have to be ready to face these new challenges with a headstrong attitude! So, if you: have a baby on the way, are moving into a new home with your baby/toddler or thinking about getting a puppy, make sure you understand home and garden safety! Here’s 4 important ways: