Are You Compliant? We Are The Best In Balustrading Solutions, And We Can Prove It!


We offer a certificate of compliance free of charge!

As of late, we have been receiving a few complaints stating that we’re not complying with SABS standards, which is a completely invalid argument from our competitors. EZRails, as the authority and leader in the field of balustrading, has adapted to the challenges caused by the compliance requirements of different local building codes by providing the supporting documents to prove it.

In order to disprove our critiques and add confidence in our clients’ decision-making to purchase EZRails balustrades, we’re willing to offer a certificate of compliance, free of charge. This certificate will assist the process of obtaining the occupancy certificate of compliance by law.


Why Stainless Steel Can Rust, and What You Can Do About It

surface finishingStainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, lustre, strength and durability. However, it is not stain or rust proof. Regular maintenance is required to keep stainless steel clean and free of contaminants. The last thing you’re after when installing brand new stainless steel balustrades is worrying about rust creeping in.