Staircase Handrail DIY Kits

Dog Leg Stair Kit
Quarter Turn Stair Kit
Kite Winder Stair Kit
Elliptical Stair Kit
Straight Staircase Balustrade Kit
Landing or Balcony Balustrade Kit

Balustrade System Options

Fin Balustrade System
Frameless Glass System
cable balustrade kits
balustrading solutions
Glass Balustrade Kit with Top Rail
Glass Balustrade Kit without top rail
Pool  Kits
Cable Balustrade System
Wall Side Mounted Handrail Kit

Architechtural Tube

balustrades south africa


EZ-Rails Railing Systems
Titanium Coloured  Balustrades

Fittings & Accessories

180 AMP Tig Welder
Core Drilling Machines

Inland - 304, Coastal - 316, Fittings & Accessories

Glass Holders

Inland - 304, Coastal - 316, Architectural Tube & Cable

Architectural Tube

Inland - 304, Coastal - 316, Gold, Silver Etching, EZ DIY Posts

balustrade systems

Inland - 304, Coastal - 316, EZ DIY Posts

Center Post with DIY Options

304, 316, Inland - 304, Architectural Railing Components, Coastal - 316, Gold

Low Cap
Upper Cap
Side Mount Bracket
Connector (L-shaped)
Jointer Cap
Ball Top
Hill Top
Socket End Posts  (Straight Sections)
Socket End Post (Stairs)
Main Jointer  (Center Post)
End Jointer
Middle Jointer

Inland - 304, Architectural Railing Components, Coastal - 316

Framessless Glass Brackets
Glass Clamps
Glass Clamps
Connector (T-shaped)
Pool Encloses Brackets for Glass
Connector (Straight)
Side mount Handrails brackets for Glass
Post Glass Bracket for Glass
Cable Fittings
Glass Clamps
Glass Clamps
Side mount Bracket for Posts
Glass Encloses Brackets

304, 316, Inland - 304, Architectural Railing Components, Gold

Jointer Elbow

Inland - 304, Architectural Railing Components

Wallmount Bracket
Post Fix Options
Top Cap
Saddle for Pin

Inland - 304, Architectural Railing Components, Coastal - 316, Gold

STS Flange

Grab Rails, Inland - 304

Grab Rails

Grab Rails, Inland - 304, Coastal - 316

Sistern Rail
Cranked Rail


Rolling Machine
Sika Dur Epoxy
Post Level

Inland - 304, Coastal - 316, Equipment

Tube Rolling

Inland - 304, Equipment

Dome Nut
Threaded Rod
Swing Gates