3 Amazing EZRails Glass Balustrade Systems

Consider purchasing a DIY glass balustrade system that is easy-to-install and also breathtakingly stunning.

The EZRails Solutions

A glass balustrade system without a top rail is almost completely invisible and unobtrusive. EZRails provides glass clamp post kits. The kits are complete with posts (main posts are 50.8mm in diameter and 1000mm in height), base covers and glass camps (which are used to attach the glass to the post for easy assembly).

Glass balustrades with top rails are ideal for patios, balconies and pool areas as they do not completely block out any view while still adding safety benefits. Each kit is supplied with posts, base covers and glass clamps which are already attached to the posts for easy assembly. This type of system is basically the same as glass balustrades without any top rails, except a round top rail (50.8 mm in diameter) is included.

You may also want to consider purchasing a frameless glass system. These systems are ideal for staircases, balconies, landings, shopping malls, office parks, hospitals, schools and more. You can choose between different safety glass thicknesses (10mm/12mm/16mm) and custom heights.

Why should you install glass balustrade systems?

Glass balustrade systems add a professional, clean appearance to any home interior and exterior. Custom-made balustrades can ideally suit any area to ensure that the balustrades compliment your home in the best way.

Also, if you would like to further customise your glass balustrades, you can use Ti- coated stainless steel piping for the base posts and top rails. Patterns and colours, including gold, bronze, champagne, coffee brown and black, will complement any style inside and outside of your home; also, the TI-coating is also antibacterial and self-cleaning.