38 Post Kits for Self Assembly

The Smart Balustrade Kit System

Smart Easy Affordable Assembly Features, Saving You Time & Money

Assemble Your Balustrade System Your-Self with 

Easy Self-Assembly 

Skill Level 3/10 


EZRails® Smart Affordable Assembly Features, you get an affordable, hassle-free balustrade kit system, take home, to your factory or to your client & complete your install within minutes, the easy way!   Self-Assemble Your-Self and get the job done right, with the quality you expect. Saving thousands of Rands in the process.  All EZRails® Balustrade Kit Systems are SABS Certified to ensure your Peace of mind.  



Post Kit System for Self-Assembly


 38 Post with Post Fix 


38 Post Core Drill   


38 Post with Side Fix 


Select Your Post Fittings 


  Top Rail Connector with Radius Saddle or Without                                                  


Top Rail Connector with Flat Saddle     


15,8 In-Fill Middle Connector Kit                


15,8 In-Fill End Connector Kit 


Glass Clamps       


 4mm Cable Fitting  (Rivnut)     


4mm Cable Fitting  (drill through)      


Select your Materials 

 6m 50,8 Stainless Steel Top Rail       


6m 15.8 Stainless Steel In-Fill 


4mm 7x19 Stainless Steel Cable     



38 Post Kits for Self Assembly