4 Problems with Balustrade Installations in Commercial Buildings

Most of us don’t realise how much time and effort goes into planning the interior layout of malls, airports and office blocks. We simply focus on things like ‘are the floors and bathrooms clean? How good is the ventilation?’, but often forget to consider the safety precautions and maintenance efforts that go into running a large building.

Here are 4 of the biggest problems that contractors run into when deciding on a handrail solution or balustrade systems to install.

1. Safety structures do not comply with SABS standards

The main objective of a handrail/balustrade solution is to keep high volumes of pedestrians safe while they are using stairways and escalators, or walking on balconies. When selecting a balustrade system, contractors have to make sure that the materials, installation procedures and maintenance thereafter comply with the SABS requirements. 

2. Difficulty in maintaining

This refers to both durability and hygiene. A balustrade system can go many years in a home without showing any signs of wear and tear- but in commercial buildings it’s very different. With such high traffic using the balustrades and handrails, bad quality systems will fail quickly.

 Contractors must choose balustrade systems that will stay intact firmly for years to come. Furthermore, since hundreds of people transmit germs to balustrades and handrails on a daily basis, it’s important that they material used for the systems are stainless steel and have anti-bacterial properties. It would be very unhygienic to install wooden balustrades in a very busy building!  

3. Expensive to install

With such a big project, contractors must do everything they can to cut costs as much as possible. Balustrade installations can get pricey quickly! It would be wiser to choose a balustrade system that is made-to-measure, that requires the absolute minimal tools, and that requires minimum effort.

See balustrade kits that can be installed as a one-man, basic tools only job.

4. Limited choice of design style

All building projects differ from one another in terms of location and budget. Sometimes specific design styles are compulsory, while other times a building has no prerequisite standards. A hospital, for instance, will not be as strict on having fancy balustrade systems as what a law firm in Sandton would be. But this does not always seem fair; it would be ideal if even lower-budget commercial buildings had provisions for installing aesthetically appealing balustrades.

Contractors must make sure to choose balustrade systems that are offered in various design styles and colours, as so to accommodate all project types without breaking the bank. 

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