4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Contractor

Ask Your ContractorExecuting a building plan is not an easy task. Usually, you need to hire more than one contractor to cover various building jobs. For example, the contractor who installs your bath will not install your stair balustrades.

EZ Rails is 100% confident about the quality our products; however, we cannot take responsibility for any poor service you receive from contractors you hire to install our products. For this reason, we want to make sure that you hire the right person or company for the job. Below is a list of essential questions you should ask a potential contractor. (Questions are specifically targeted towards stair balustrade installers.)

Do you adhere to South African building regulations?

Essentially, your contractor needs comply with:

·      SANS10160,

·      SANS10400 and

·      SANS1263-1:2006, (if there is glass in your balustrade system)

A legitimate contractor will provide an engineer’s certificate once the job is done.

Do you have samples of any past jobs to show me?

Contractors who take pride in their work would enjoy showing you previous projects they’ve completed. This will enable you to access the quality of their work.

Are all your systems tested and approved by an engineer?

To ensure that the contractor provides the best products, make sure that the products offered are approved by a professional engineer. Also the staircase balustrade system should be a member of:

·      SASSDA - Southern African Stainless Steel Development Association

·      SAGGA -South African Glass and Glazing Association

Do your systems come with a guarantee?

All products should contain a guarantee to give you peace of mind about the product. 

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