8 Amazing Scandinavian Interior Style Tips

Typical Scandinavian interiors have a sleek, minimal style that incorporates a warm atmosphere, nature and light. This type of design is ideal for any home and budget size. Adopting the basic Scandinavian interior style is practical in today’s busy lifestyle.

Here are a few ways that you can transform your home using Scandinavian style ideas:

1.Light and bright

White is a very common colour for walls, furniture and basically anything else. Scandinavian style is based on simplicity; using natural light is the best natural way to lighten up your home. White walls enable sunlight to reflect light, making the room feel bright and fresh!

Glass also allows a lot of light to flow through a room. Consider glass balustrades for an elegant, transparent and clean look.

Different whites work better with different rooms. Read more here.

2.Black and white

Creating the perfect balance of colour is important. Although the Scandinavian style is pro white, too much white can make a home seem bleak; on the other hand, too much black can make a home seem dingy. Using black lines to break white is essentially the best way to balance your interior’s colour.

3.Splash of colour

White walls really make an accent colour stand out! Bold coloured chairs, throws, rugs or even cushions can liven up your interior. Bold reds, blues, oranges, yellows and greens add a retro feel while deep purples and reds add warmth to the room.


Light wood flooring is very common in Scandinavian interiors as timber is abundant in Scandinavian countries. It also adds a nice textured appearance to the interior.

Due to the cold weather experience in Scandinavian countries, fur, leather and other natural textiles (such as cotton and hemp) are used to enhance visual warmth and add a sense of luxury and comfort to a room. Don’t be shy to add a mixture of textures such as thick throws, sheepskins and rugs.

5.Simple and practical

Scandinavian style is designed for “the good life”. Their interior style is not designed to impress anyone but themselves. Living simply and practically means that they focus on functionality and making sure the things around them work well and make them feel good.

Clean, smooth kitchen counters are both practical and elegant. Consider installing laminate kitchen countertops that mimic hardwood.


The Scandinavians had an abundance of forests around them, thus timber is used in their houses. Shopping from local companies instead of importing goods from other places is the smarter way to shop.


With the help of modern architecture, we can live closer to nature. Using folding sliding doors and large windows, you can incorporate the beauty of the outdoors while bringing in natural light. This will make your interior feel more summery

Also, you can bring nature inside by putting some pot plants inside your home, either on tables or near entrances; this also adds a splash of freshness to the room.


Interior organisation is important. This means that you need to make sure that shelves are neatly packed, ornaments and accessories are kept to the bare minimum and there is no unnecessary visible mess.