8 Questions All Builders Should Be Ready For

hire a contractorMany customers are left desolate by contractors halfway through a job. Customers complain about window installers leaving before putting glass in their window frames, or pool builders not finishing through with projects, thus, leaving gaping holes in their backyards. Having builders run away with your money is a scary thought.


There are many good, decent contractors out there but, because people can be so mistrusting, you have to prove yourself to make sure that you earn the trust of potential clients.

Here are questions that all builders need to be prepared for when approaching a possible client:

1. “How long has your business been running?”

Customers need to know that you are a well-established business. If your business has been running for more than 5 years, you’re considered quite reliable as opposed to new start-ups.

2. “Do you have a website?”

If you do not have a website, get one now! Not only does this portray basic information to clients, but it is also another way to market your services and create more business opportunities.

3. “How many projects like mine have you completed?”

Customers want to know that if you are going to do a project for them, you have experience in the particular field. They want to make sure that you have all the best material to complete the project. For example, if you’re installing a pool, you need to hire a contractor/ company that has experience in building the specific type of pool you want.

4. “Who/ where do I make payments to?”


Payments should always be made to a company account and not a personal account no matter how big or small your company is. Always be professional when it comes to payments and documents, such as invoices, quotes, etc.

5. “Do you have an office showroom/ warehouse?”

Once a company is doing well, they should invest in a permanent place that they can display their products and services. Having a permanent address ensures customers that you will not run away with their money.

6. “Do you have employees?”

Customers want to know if they will need subcontractors for specific jobs or if there will be someone to oversee the project.

7. “Do you have general liability insurance and workers compensation documentations?”

To give your customer peace-of-mind, make sure that you supply them with all important liability information.

8. “Do your services conform to Sans10400: Part F?”

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