Advanced Nano Ceramic Coating

Advanced Nano Ceramic Coating (NNC) is a revolutionary technology that prolongs the original durability and lifespan of metal. This product has many benefits for both manufacturers and consumers, such as:


  • Lifespan of metal is enhanced
  • It is self-cleaning and antibacterial and therefore more hygienic
  • It has a non-stick surface and therefore preventing fingerprints and other marks
  • It has permanent anti-corrosion properties and is resistant to products such as chemicals
  • Can withstand more abrasion and harsh environments
  • Can sustain high temperatures as well as UV exposure
  • It is affordable and more cost-effective than other protective coatings

A NNC finishing will not alter the appearance of metal objects and structures as the coating is very thin: a thin coating is only 2-5 microns and a pigmented coat is 15 microns.

This product is ideal for protecting metal or steel objects in offices, public places, houses, etc. All products with this coating will free from dirt, finger prints, marks and grime.

Nano Ceramic Coating (NCC) is ideal for stainless steel balustrades, tiles, wall coverings (Vernox and Inoxta),handrails, home appliances and décor items.This cutting edge technology is ideal for any metal or steel surface and can be installed at anytime, anywhere.

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