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DIY Gate Systems and how They can Improve your Space

Steel balustrades may be overlooked in everyday situations, but still you see them all around you: in restaurants, malls and even your own home- they are one of those elements you will definitely miss when it is gone. Without the innovative balustrading technology that keeps us safe, life would be filled with many more obstacles than necessary. No one goes to the mall and fears falling down three storeys- thanks to steel balustrades!

Get your Customisable, Made-to-measure Balustrade in a Box!

EZ Rails has revolutionised the way in which balustrade systems are installed. You no longer need a team of engineers and builders; that work has already been done for you.

With EZ Rails all you need is your specifications and measurements of the site where you wish to install the balustrade. This information can be sent online, and your box of parts will be packed and on its way to you within 24 hours!

Ez Rails- It’s Railings In A Box!

One kit, one box, one solution!

Have you ever thought back to simpler times of the past- what was life like before all these revolutionary ideas like radio, space travel, sliced bread?! Well, EZ Rails is the sliced bread of modern balustrade installations! It’s quick, easy and most importantly, anyone can do it! It is a completely original and revolutionary system- it’s also the only one that allows for same day installation and effortless online ordering.