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DIY Balustrades for Contractors

steel balustradesIn today’s economy, cutting down on unnecessary costs is vital to ensure the survival of your business. As a contractor, you want to save as much time as possible, while still delivering quality service and an excellent product.

Why you should use EZRails as your complete balustrading solution:

1. Cuts down on installation time:

DIY Balustrades for the Independent Woman

Steel balustrades

For all the strong-minded, independent women who can’t wait around for a man to install her balustrades, this one’s for you! These days, more women are choosing to “do it yourself” instead of waiting around for it to be done, hoping for new balustrades by Christmas.

The good news is, there is a way to install your steel balustrades if you don’t have a man around to do it for you. Apart from the fact that it saves you money, our DIY balustrades require no welding or hard labour – which means you don’t necessarily need to break a nail in order to revamp your home.


How to Revamp your Restaurant: Stainless Steel Style

Glass balustrades, stainless steel architecturalThere are so many ways to make your restaurant stand out from the rest, and since the competition is so fierce these days, that’s exactly what you want – stainless steel style! Apart from the food needing to be delicious, customers are attracted to a venue first and foremost by what it looks like. Creating a sleek and sophisticated restaurant exterior will attract more customers to peek inside, and when they do, that’s when you reel them in with your stainless steel interior. Here’s how: