Cable Balustrades | 7 Benefits

When installing stainless steel balustrades consider a cable balustrade system. Such a system can be installed when renovating or creating a new deck. Check out the benefits of stainless steel cable balustrades:


Clear views

The stainless steel cables are so very thin therefore you can easily see through the balustrades. If you want to enjoy a panorama view from your deck then cable balustrades are perfect for you.

Offering style

Cable balustrade solutions are stylish and modern. If you want your deck to have a contemporary style then you should install cable balustrades.

Offering diverse options

Cable balustrades can suit various home styles, including modern and classic. Because they are simplistic and almost transparent, they do not clash with other designs. You are also able to use various materials for the posts if you wish.

Better than glass

There is no doubt that glass balustrades have many different benefits, such as a clear view; however, cable balustrades don’t have to be cleaned as often as glass balustrades and they also offer more security around decks and stairways.

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Easy to maintain

Stainless steel itself does not require a lot of maintenance. Occasionally tightening of the cables may be necessary, but if you get quality cable balustrade systems from EZRails, you won’t have to continuously worry about tightening the cables.

Easy to install

You can get kits supplied with post fixing, base cover and attached fitting to the post from EZRails.

Increases your home's value

Installing quality cable balustrades is a wise investment for a home owner. The strength and durability of the balustrades enables them to last for decades.

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