Cut Out the Middle Man with EZ Rails’ Ready-made Balustrade Kit

Ready-made Balustrade KitMaking your home safe for you and your family is a main concern for every homeowner. Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or are simply upgrading, cordoning off your pool area and installing rails on outdoor and indoor staircases are usually at the top of your list.

Making improvements to your home usually means going through a lot of back-and-forth with contractors or suppliers who provide installation services and we understand that you may want to make this process as simple as possible. Although EZ Rails can outfit your home (more than ¾ faster than most) we also provide you with the chance to side-step this part entirely.

Our ready-made kits give you freedom to easily install balustrading for your whole home, without the need of contracting a middle man. As these kits are a self-connecting, ready to assemble product, you truly don’t have to be a professional to install them perfectly. These balustrading systems are suitable for all configurations and staircase angles, and come with a variety of infill options; glass and cable infills are just two examples for you to take a look at.

The top rail included in the ready-made kit is 6m in size and can be linked together for longer staircases and other areas. All tubing can be cut with an angle grinder or hacksaw, making the need for complex and dangerous equipment unnecessary.

Using our Made 2 Measure concept to have your balustrading designed and delivered makes things even simpler – all you need to do is supply us with a drawing or photo of the space you’d like to do the installation on and we’ll supply you with tailor-made balustrading that’ll fit your space perfectly.

So, how do you install them? All you have to do is plant the ready-made posts provided in your kit where you’d like to erect your balustrade, cut tubing to size using a hacksaw or angle grinder, and assemble your balustrading to fit the space perfectly, whether it’s angled or not. For a more comprehensive look at the process, take a look at the user manual included.