Delayed balustrade installation? This could be the problem

custom balustradesAs a contractor or handyman, are you using up more time installing a balustrade system than you’d like? Do you find your clients getting a little bit impatient, asking when the job will be done? If so, we’ve compiled a list of possible delays which could be damaging your means of income, and a very easy solution.

Possible delays:

1. Incomplete building site:

Installinga balustrade system in an incomplete building site can cause all sorts of delays – from trying to measure the exact location of the balustrade installation to working around individuals where the system should be installed. This can cause time delays and a lot of frustration.

2. Uneven flooring:

This problem relates to tiles being installed incorrectly. Trying to install a balustrade system on uneven tiles can possibly crack the tiles, which is why the tiles need to be replaced before a proper balustrade system can be installed.

3. Incorrectly installed cables/pipes:

If pipes or cables are placed too closely to the surface of the floor or wall, there becomes an issue trying to install a balustrade system. Pipes or cables should be placed at least 200mm from the surface in order to avoid touching them when drilling holes.

4. Big gaps between pillars:

There could be a delay installing a balustrade system on a balcony if the gaps between pillars are too big – which means a small piece of balustrade needs to be fitted in between the pillars. Delays such as these cause unnecessary time and money to be spent on a site.

5. Inadequate support:

It’s really important to have adequate support to fix the balustrade system to, such as flimsy timber walls or floors. The structure needs to be made more secure first, causing unnecessary time spent on the building site, which means more expenses. Time is money.


How to fix the problems:

Becoming an installer of EZ Rails Balustrades offers many advantages:

  • Save 75% in expenses, saving you 75% more money.
  • Takes 75% less time to install than conventional balustrade systems.
  • Requires no welding, mitering, grinding or polishing.
  • You don’t need to use heavy-duty equipment for installations.
  • Full training is provided, along with full backup from our sales network.


What makes EZ Rails balustrades different:

  • Our systems can be installed in difficult or non-standardised areas.
  • We have practical solutions for uneven floors, hard-to-reach corners or difficult staircases.
  • You don’t need to be a skilled labourer to install balustrade systems.
  • Our balustrades are more affordable due to large volume production.
  • We’re always on hand to help – requiring only a rough sketch to design your custom balustrade system.

To become an installer: View our EZ Rails Installer Opportunities