DIY Balustrades for Contractors

steel balustradesIn today’s economy, cutting down on unnecessary costs is vital to ensure the survival of your business. As a contractor, you want to save as much time as possible, while still delivering quality service and an excellent product.

Why you should use EZRails as your complete balustrading solution:

1. Cuts down on installation time:

Due to the nature of the product’s design, you save 75% on installation time – making them easy to install. The parts come ready to assemble in a box, only requiring you as the contractor to put them together – which takes roughly 15 minutes.

2. Saves money:

Since installation time is cut, you save money by being able to see more clients in a day. These particular stainless steel balustrades are 75% more affordable than competitors and quicker to install, and since time is money, every minute counts!

3. No welding equipment required:

Welding requires expensive equipment and skilled labour in order to produce a finished product. Balustrades can also easily rust by the coastline due to the welding connections and create weak joints.

4. SABS approved and tested:

To ensure complete safety during and after installation, EZRails balustrades have been tested thoroughly by the SABS to ensure customers receive the best possible products.


5. Online support available:

As an installer, you will receive full support from EZRails’ sales network to ensure you receive the support when you need it – so you can continue adding revenue to your business in tough times.

6. Full training provided:

Installers receive full training at a fee to ensure they know exactly how to install EZRails balustrades when servicing clients. After training is successfully completed, the installer will receive a well-deserved certificate of accreditation.

Consider becoming an installer in order to use EZRails in your business. It’s affordable, easy to integrate into your business and a step ahead of your competitors. For installer opportunities and contact details, click here