DIY Gate Systems and how They can Improve your Space

Steel balustrades may be overlooked in everyday situations, but still you see them all around you: in restaurants, malls and even your own home- they are one of those elements you will definitely miss when it is gone. Without the innovative balustrading technology that keeps us safe, life would be filled with many more obstacles than necessary. No one goes to the mall and fears falling down three storeys- thanks to steel balustrades!


Another pioneering innovation brought to us by EZ Rails is the gate system. Sometimes you need a space to be closed off, without completely cutting off access to it. This is the case in many homes and commercial spaces. 


Swimming Pools:

If you have a swimming pool this can be the perfect application to keep children or animals away from the water. Taking steps to ensure the safety of your family and pets with the gate system will not only give you security, but also peace of mind.

Courtyard Gate:

The gate system can be applied to keep people in, or keep people out. This application is perfect for wandering toddlers who try to go outside while you hang up the washing.

It can also be utilised to separate your dogs from each other should they be aggressive towards each other.

It can even be used as a way to put your dogs away while you have guests over for a braai. Not everyone likes dogs around when they are socialising. If you own a large, possibly aggressive dog this is the perfect way to keep them outside but away from any children.

Stainless Steel Stair/Landing Gate Kits:

This system can be installed to stop little ones going down the stairs, it even has a nifty roll system that stops the child from trying to climb over it. The gate comes premanufactured to your specifications and is easy to install. All you need is basic hand tools and you can install your gate from a choice of:

Knock Down Tube Kit:

Knock Down Glass Kit:

Knock Down Cable Kit:

Whichever system you choose you can be guaranteed it is easy, safe and the best way to make use steel balustrades in your home, shop or office.