DIY Repairs: 4 Signs That You May Need to Repair Your Deck.

1.    Broken or rotting boards. 
Day-to-day use of your deck will unfortunately take its toll on the wooden boards. Stains or water drops can eat away at the sealant eventually causing peeling, and later rotting. 

Once the wooden boards have started to rot or become damaged, such as a split in the wood, it is important to replace them. Not only are damaged boards unaesthetically pleasing, but they can also be dangerous – ask anyone who has ever fallen through decking floor. 
It is quick and easy to fix individual boards. Remove broken boards between supporting structures and replace them with new ones of the same type. 

2.    Dry rot
No matter where you live or what the climate is your deck will be subject to dry rot. Dry rot can cause serious structural damage and destroy boards. Dry rot occurs as a result of moisture – untreated wood is especially susceptible to dry rot. 

Signs of dry rot are shrinking boards, dark stains, fungal growth and a damp smell. 

If you have dry rot it is best to get a professional to assess the damage and start your repairs based on that. 

3.    Loose screws
Screws and nails are there to hold things in place; it’s up to you to make sure that they stay in place. Besides the obvious structural disadvantages to loose screws, loose screws and nails can cut a child’s foot, rip your favorite item of clothing, and put a damper on the relaxing element of your beautiful deck. 
Anyone with some DIY know how to knock a nail back in or replace a screw. 

4.    Balustrades that won’t keep you safe. 
Balustrades are an important safety feature of a deck; they keep kids from falling off, and when you lean on them to admire the sunset, they are supposed to keep their place. 
Wooden balustrades can rot and deteriorate just as easily as decking boards. It is important to maintain them by making sure to sand them down and re-seal them every so often so that no moisture gets in. Unfortunately this is a labor intensive job. 

For a modern look, that is also less maintenance, why not replace your wooden balustrades with stylish glass balustrades – this way your safety is secured and your view is not obstructed. Stainless steel balustrades are also an excellent, low maintenance option.