Do you Have the Right Supplier for Balustrade Systems?

top balustrade systemsWhen it comes to installing balustrade systems for clients, you, as a contractor, need to ensure that you supply top quality, easy-to-install systems to your client. EZ Rails offers top balustrade systems that will save you time and money, and, as you know, time is of the essence.



Why Should You Choose EZ Rails To Be Your Balustrade Supplier?

Industry Experience

We have years of industry experience, therefore, we know what clients are looking for when it comes to stainless steel and glass balustrades. Our bespoke designs match client needs and expectations, which, in essence, makes your job a lot easier.

State-of-the-art Balustrade Systems

Our balustrade systems are modern, are high-tech and require minimal effort and tools to install. You can install our balustrades in no time in. We also have solutions that ensure that any type of area can be balustraded, which means that you do not need to turn away any “special jobs”.

Tried & Tested Materials

We provide stainless steel and glass materials that are high-quality. This means that you can offer your clients solutions that they will be satisfied with. Plus, there are various stainless steel coating options which offer protection and designs to match any interior and exterior styles.

ISO 9001:2000

Our engineered production processes ensure quality ISO 9001:2000 certifications; this ensures that all our products are of a high quality throughout the manufacturing process. What does this mean for you? -  Competitive prices and excellent installation, saving you time and labour costs.

Worldwide Suppliers

We have sold over 1 million meters in 30 countries, making us an international distribution company.

Great Customer Service

We value every single customer and ensure that our service team takes care of all your balustrade needs. us today to become a stainless steel balustrade and/or glass balustrade distributer.