The DSP Stainless Steel Tube Fabrication Process

Stainless steel tubeDSP is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to surface finishing technology which is why, here at EZ Rails, we choose their surface finishing’s for our balustrades.


DSP’s fabrication process starts with pipe forming from the raw materials which in this case are stainless steel sheets.

Once the piping has been formed a surface finishing is applied – the surface finishing is the texture of the piping. Options are satin, mirror, bead-blast, or vibration. Tubing can also have a dotted or checked pattern.

Company logos or specific images can also be added to surface finishing’s on request.

The coating is then added over the surface finishing texture. One can choose from either a PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating, or a Nano ceramic coating (NCC). Each set of coatings come in different colour options.

Once the finishing’s and coatings have been applied the complete tubing can be fabricated and made into whatever it was intended for, in our case it is made into balustrades.

The fabrication of the tube may include shearing, v-cutting, welding, bending, laser cutting, etc. EZ rails balustrade systems however use bolt-joining as opposed to welding to make the system last longer.

What is PVD?

When stainless steel is covered with a PVD coating it is treated in air-tight containers where air is pumped in to create a vacuum closely equivalent to the pressure that exists in space.

Argon gas is then introduced to the container where it is transformed into tiny particles that are sprayed on the surface to heat up.

The jet of particles generates heat and cleans the surface of the stainless steel plates. The jet of particles is then turned on – it vapourises the metal, and atoms of titanium are produced and deposited onto the stainless steel. The titanium atoms react with the atoms already on the surface to create layers of TiN, TiC, and TiNC.

These layers together are extremely dense and create a strong and durable coating over the stainless steel.

What is Nano Ceramic Coating?

NNC is a hybrid coating that is placed on DSP’s products. The coating forms a hybrid organic-inorganic layer on the surface of the material through an electro-chemical process.

This is a self-cleaning coating because of its organic matter decomposition effect. To put it simply, the coating decomposes any organic matter, such as dirt from fingerprints, leaving the coated material clean and hygienic.