A Durable Solution For Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings should not look tacky; however, keeping a commercial building from any wear and tear is almost impossible.

It is especially important to ensure that companies and organisations keep their buildings looking up to scratch, especially restaurant kitchens, gyms or hospitals. A company’s reputation can be damaged if their building looks neglected, especially if any food is prepared and served on the premises. This is why commercial buildings should be designed to handle “high traffic”.

Wear and tear can be avoided, here’s how:

Install stainless steel wallpaper

This is a great way to protect your walls. Vernox wall covering, for example, is a highly durable stainless steel solution that protects your walls form scratches, bumps and any other damage. As the hygiene of a commercial building is also highly important, you will be glad to know that stainless steel wallpaper can be cleaned with high pressure washes thus leaving your building clean and neat.

Stainless steel wall coverings are also made with a patented hygienic functional coating (NCC) which ensures that the covering is:

  • Stain resistant
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Hygienic

Also, unlike ceramic tiles which are commonly found in commercial bathrooms and kitchens, a covering such as Vernox requires less maintenance as it does not require grouting.

This type of covering is also modern. The application comes in a peel and stick sticker type rolls. This is to allow easy application for both interior and exterior walls!

Source: http://www.dspsa.co.za/content/saving-embarrassment-keeping-commercial-buildings-clean-and-neat