EZ Rails Balustrading for any Interior or Exterior Staircase

DIY Balustrade Installing stainless steel balustrades on your staircases sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Endless consultations with your contractor, measuring and re-measuring your staircase and browsing through materials to get the best-buy options and hoping that you will get the end-result that you want. It’s no secret that this process presents a whole list of problems to be solved – that’s why at EZ Rails, we’re committed to making this process as simple as possible, while guaranteeing that your balustrade system is of high quality and can be easily and properly installed.

Installing a balustrading system to staircases also usually present a few difficulties. This is usually due to the unique shape, length and angle of most staircases – luckily, our kits are put together to ready-fit a high quality balustrading system to any staircase ¾ quicker than other systems. Take a look at our video rationale to get an idea of how we do things!

Here are a few examples of the DIY balustrade kit system we offer for the different types of staircases out there:

This kit is compiled to cater to retail installations, being quick and easy-to-assemble on site without frustrations. Every renovating retailer that would like to improve their business space’s safety features could benefit from this kit’s glass or horizontal tubing and top and side mount fixings.

For a straight staircase, we offer ready-made kits varying from 2m-6m that’ll fit perfectly to your staircase. You could pick and choose from various infill options, whether you’d like your railing to be outfitted with glass, cable or horizontal tubing.

Our easy-to-fit ready-made kits even cater for more complex staircase designs. Outfit your spiral staircase with a beautiful silver or gold etching inland or coastal grade railing system.