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balustrade solutions EZ Rails Stainless steel balustrades come in a range of different systems to suit your needs and your homes design and style. Our balustrading systems include; horizontal, vertical, glass, and cable systems, as well as side wall mount handrails and custom made systems.

The Horizontal System

Recommended for: staircases, balconies, landings.


  • The system is comprises of
  • A 50.8mm top rail
  • 50.8mm main posts
  • 38.1mm centre posts
  • 5 x 15.8mm horizontal cross tubes
  • Easy to assemble
    • No welding required – no unsightly welding joints,
    • no grinding or mitering needed
  • Ultimate safety
    • In-fills are placed slightly off-set
    • Difficult for children to climb
    • Children cannot fit between bars

The Vertical system

Recommended for: staircases, balconies, landings.


  • System includes
    • 50.8mm top rail with vertical in-fills
  • Elegant and modern appearance – great for a more sophisticated, classic look and feel.

The Cable System

Recommended for: landings, balconies, staircases, shopping malls, and green buildings/eco-friendly environments.

This system is made up of

  • 50.8mm top rail
  • 38.1mm centre posts
  • 5 x 4mm cable strands

The cable system is suited to rustic, minimalistic architecture.

The Glass system

 The glass system comes in two forms – frameless, and with top rail

Frameless glass system/ glass without top rail recommended for: balconies, landings, swimming pool enclosures/ pool fencing

Glass system with top rail recommended for: high traffic staircases and walkways

The glass system is great because it gives safety and practicality without taking away from the view or aesthetic value.

Features: Our Glass system balustrades/fencing has a special mounting screw that allows for secure fixing of the glass, ensuring that safety is not compromised.

The system includes a 50.8mm top rail (where chosen) with 50.8mm end posts.