Ez Rails- It’s Railings In A Box!

One kit, one box, one solution!

Have you ever thought back to simpler times of the past- what was life like before all these revolutionary ideas like radio, space travel, sliced bread?! Well, EZ Rails is the sliced bread of modern balustrade installations! It’s quick, easy and most importantly, anyone can do it! It is a completely original and revolutionary system- it’s also the only one that allows for same day installation and effortless online ordering.


EZ Rails provides balustrade kit systems that can be ordered online, delivered within 24 hours and can be installed easily, on the same day. It’s literally a balustrade in a box! This ground-breaking technology is the only SABS approved stainless steel and glass balustrade kit system of its kind. Being the primary product of its design, EZ Rails brought the concept into existence and set crucial safety standards for generics and other imitations to come.

Can it get any easier? Well, with our uniquely designed technology, you don’t even need complicated or specific measurements. In fact, we will deliver a balustrade that fits your site perfectly, without even having to be on site ourselves!

You can complete the order by:

-Choosing your product (we offer both ready-made and custom-made)

-Sending a photograph or drawing of the site area

-Receive your quotation via email

-Your kit will be ready for delivery in 24 hours

That’s all there needs to be to it. If you would prefer to have a professional from EZ Rails come to your home and install the system for you they can also do so. However, with the self-install option you will receive installation guide in both video and print- it cannot get simpler!

The EZ Rails DIY balustrade kit systems can fit any measurement for your home, office or commercial space. They require minimal construction skill and can be done by any amateur with basic hand tools, no welding required! A safe, hygienic and durable stainless steel balustrade without having to weld and without needing three days of work by a team of professionals; this is no longer a dream of the future. It’s real, it’s happening, all thanks to the innovation of EZ Rails balustrade kit systems.

If you want to be a part of the construction future, do it yourself- it really is that EZ!