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There are 3 main aspects that need to be taken into consideration when installing custom designed balustrade systems:




Whether for residential or commercial use, you can purchase custom designed balustrades that ensure the best safety and aesthetic benefits and, at the same time, you can receive quality services.

EZ Rails offers custom design kits that adhere to building code requirements. Our team of expert installers can show you product options and help you get the perfect custom designed kit, based on your unique specifications. We ensure simple, functional solutions that are, at the same time, safe, modern and pleasing to the eye.

Here’s why you should Order an EZ Rails Custom Balustrade System

Our Systems Require Minimum Effort to Install

Our systems are fully fabricated and ready to install. Our easy to assemble systems requires:

  • No welding
  • No joining
  • No polishing
  • No onsite measurement
  • No manufacturing

Our Smart Design is Aesthetically Pleasing

All welding is hidden as a result of the smart design of the systems, so the balustrade looks neat and tidy. You can choose between:

  • Mount options, such as side mount and floor mount
  • Round and square tube systems
  • Infills, namely, cable, glass and stainless steel tubes
  • Surface finishes, namely polished, brushed and powder coated stainless steel

We Adhere to All Building Requirements

We take safety very seriously, which is why we ensure that all our custom designed balustrades are SABS tested and approved and have ISO & KS certifications.

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