Glass Balustrades For Stairs

Glass balustrades are aesthetically pleasing and very practical when it comes to surrounding patios, balconies, stairways and pools.

Glass balustrades for stairs are available in countless ranges and they are able to transform your stairway into a remarkable interior feature. Glass balustrades are able to be custom made to fit any interior design. For example, glass balustrades can be fitted to wooden or concrete stairs providing a modern touch to a traditional interior; also, combined with stainless steel cladding and light walls, glass balustrades will provide an extraordinary fashionable modern look.

Company buildings can also install glass balustrades to ensure that their buildings look sophisticated and clean. It does not only create an open, transparent environment but it also creates a sense of formality and more light.

Besides all the “glitz and glamour” of glass balustrades, they actually serve two other very essential purposes; they create the illusion of more space and they essentially provide safety as they are able to:

  • Create a barrier around pools to prevent people from falling in, and
  • Provide protection around stairs and balconies to prevent falls.

If you have small children, such as toddlers, you may want to consider baby proofing the top and bottom of your stairway with knock down gate systems. Such systems are available in various kits. Such systems are available in glass, cable, tube and pool systems; therefore if you are getting glass balustrades, consider a glass knock down gate system.