How Do I Order Custom-Made Products?

Since different sites present various challenges, EZ Rails provides easy-to-install and cost-effective custom-made handrail and balustrade kit systems, fit for any kind of substrate and infill panels.

All you have to do to get your ready-to-assemble kit is follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Custom Made Balustrade and Handrails

Draw a simple lay-out of the area that you want to install your balustrade or handrail system on.



Step 2

Take a photo of your layout drawing or of the area itself and attach the rough measurement requirements. We don’t need to know any stair angles!


Step 3

Send us the drawing, photo and rough measurements. Also let us know if you would like a DIY kit, or if you would prefer one of our professionals to come install it for you! Our professional installers will take care of everything for you; but if you feel like a good DIY project, we will send you a step-by-step instruction guide on video or on paper- whichever you prefer.

Trust EZ Rails for extra secure installation- our SABS approved balustrade and handrail kit systems are manufactured to very high fixing specifications and meets the strictest building code requirements of any project!

What tools do you need for a custom-made DIY balustrade kit?
We have made the installation process so easy that you won’t need any heavy machinery and complicated tools to get the job done. You will only need a tape measure, a masonry SDS drilling machine with a 20mm drill bit, a 115 Angle grinder or pipe cutter and a pen/marker to get the job done- we provide you with everything else you need.

We supply you with a strong (38.1 mm) and (50.8 mm) stainless steel post system in your choice of eight distinctive designs. Your kit will also contain the fill in that you selected- namely glass, cable or tube.

Contact us for more information on the variety of custom-design balustrade and handrail systems that we supply.