How to get your Home Baby-ready

When a new year arrives, we see changes around every corner. People start new jobs, move into new homes and, ultimately, start new lives. But sometimes change comes with a lot of responsibility, and we have to be ready to face these new challenges with a headstrong attitude! So, if you: have a baby on the way, are moving into a new home with your baby/toddler or thinking about getting a puppy, make sure you understand home and garden safety! Here’s 4 important ways:

Change your perspective

Look at everything in the house from a knee-height perspective, crawl if you must. Even if you feel silly doing it, it is well worth it! Doing this will help you identify hazards like sharp corners of tables, gaps in fences and any other space where kids and pets can get hurt.

Remember that dogs don’t have the same sense of height as humans do, so make sure that they can’t jump out of or accidentally fall from higher storey windows. Balconies must be made secure with roper balustrading that children and pets can’t climb over or through.

Designate a play area

There should be a room in your house where your young child can play safely while you are busy with other chores. It is best to choose an area that can be closed off with a baby fence instead of a door. This way your child can still see or hear you, which will avoid anxiety and crying.

If you have to leave your puppy in a designated room while you are busy, opt for a room that doesn’t have a carpet and remove any chewable items from the floor!

Staircase safety

Don’t ever forget about the threats that a staircase poses. Even if there are just 4 or 5 steps, babies and toddlers can get seriously injured. The top and bottom of your staircases (both indoors and outdoors) should be closed and inaccessible to your young child at all times. Knock down gate kit systems are very easy to install temporarily and should be the first thing you invest in when child-proofing your home!

Garden and pool safety

Puppies are experts at finding hidden holes in walls and fences, and will do what it takes to dig their way through this space. Pay special attention to your garden fencing and make sure the maintenance is up to good standard.

As for your swimming pool, make sure that you have a strong, decent and durable pool balustrade system closing the entire pool area. A glass balustrade is the best option because it is too high for kids to climb over and has no gaps where kids and puppies climb through. It is easy to install yourself and promises maximum swimming pool safety.

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