How To Match Your Balustrades To Your Building

deck and steel balustradeWhen choosing balustrades for your home you can’t exactly just grab the first ones off the shelf and put them up around the building. There are many things to consider to ensure that the balustrades suit your home, both practically and aesthetically.  

It is important to choose balustrades that not only provide practical functionality, but that add architectural value to your home as well. Factors that you will need to take into consideration include:

  • The architecture of your home / style
  • space
  • durability
  • maintenance
  • aesthetics


The architecture and style of your home should be considered when choosing balustrades. A modern home’s style may be ruined with steel poles – for such a building sleek frameless glass balustrades would be better suited. If your home happens to have a vintage design then balustrades should be chosen accordingly.

The space that the balustrades will be used in will also determines what type should be used. A material such as stainless steel is great for both indoor and outdoor use. One should also look at whether the area is a high or low traffic area. This will dictate the material that should be used based on durability.

Remember that small spaces do not need extravagant balustrades while larger areas can afford the extravagance – and they can showcase a variety of different balustrades. In bigger buildings stairways can use one sort of balustrade while the balcony might use another – the same variety in a small building may make it seem too busy and cram the space.

Where the balustrade will be placed plays a large role in what balustrades are best. Wooden balustrades are a classic look, however maintenance is high. In a small home one might not mind having to sand down and maintain such balustrades in a regular basis. In a shopping mall or apartment building with many flights of stairs however stainless steel might be a better choice as it requires less maintenance.

So before you choose – decide how much effort and maintenance you are willing to put in and then decide what type of balustrade to put in. look at the style of your building before choosing a balustrade design.