How to Revamp your Restaurant: Stainless Steel Style

Glass balustrades, stainless steel architecturalThere are so many ways to make your restaurant stand out from the rest, and since the competition is so fierce these days, that’s exactly what you want – stainless steel style! Apart from the food needing to be delicious, customers are attracted to a venue first and foremost by what it looks like. Creating a sleek and sophisticated restaurant exterior will attract more customers to peek inside, and when they do, that’s when you reel them in with your stainless steel interior. Here’s how:


1. Balustrades for the patio:

Many restaurants have an outside patio area specifically for smoking guests or those who want to enjoy a cool breeze. Why not make your outside dining area look just as nice by installing sleek and durable balustrade systems, depending on the style of your restaurant of course. It could range anything from cable balustrades, fin balustrades for a more sophisticated look or even strong glass balustrades without top rails without obstructing the view.

2. Stainless steel panels for the exterior:

Cover your restaurant exterior with durable, long size stainless steel architectural panels available in colours ranging from gold to green. Don’t go to vast on the colour range though. Try to keep the colours limited between two shades, to avoid your restaurant looking too busy as far as décor goes.

3. Mosaic tiles for the front entrance:

When guests have been intrigued by the exterior and they’ve managed to peek inside, the first thing they’ll see will be the hostess counter or “le desk” in French terms. Make your entrance stand out by adding mosaic tiles on the wall which will represent a very “exclusive” venue. Become the in place to be in town without spending a fortune.

4. Install a spiral staircase:

If you have a double story location, save room by installing a staircase that not only looks beautiful, but will accommodate more guests, and bring in more business. Available in kits that are ready to assemble on site.

5. Make your ceilings look endless:

By adding a stainless steel premium ceiling tile to cover the surface, it’ll make your ceiling look endless and visually create more space upwards. The colours range from pink to gold, so you can create a statement even on hard to reach places!