Increasing Property Value with Balustrades

glass balustradesIf you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, you might want to consider improving on a few things before finding a potential buyer. You don’t want to only list your home, you want to market it – which means you have to fix all the little nicks and crannies that have been untouched for a while and make your home more appealing to any potential buyer. 


5 Tips on how to increase your property value:


1. Do some gardening:

The exterior is the first thing potential buyers will see. Invest a little bit of money revamping your garden by improving the grass quality and planting a few trees. People will immediately be interested in what’s inside when they see how much effort you put into the exterior.

2. Enhance your pool safety:

If you have a pool, make it look more appealing by adding a frameless glass pool fence – which will not obstruct the view, and also make it safer for individuals with children. Especially during the hot summer months, potential buyers will be attracted to a beautiful Fiberglass pool with a glass fence.

3. Paint the exterior:

A fresh coat of paint will turn an old, dull home into a potential gold mine. Depending on the size of the house, you may need to close your eyes and swipe your card. However, it’ll be worth it in the end when your bank account fills up with the sale money.

4. Install modern balustrades:

As the years go by, old balustrades tend to wear and tear with every day use, which is why it’ll be a great idea to replace your current balustrades on your verandas and interiors. Modern glass balustrades won’t obstruct your views and will give your home a sleek feel. To continue with the look inside, you could always opt for a frameless glass system to create wider, more open spaces through illusion.

5. Revamp the bathroom:

Potential buyers look for quality plumbing which they know will last, to avoid getting a surprise a few month’s into living in their dream house. Replace all old taps and faucets – even consider adding a grab rail or two in one of your guest bathrooms. Potential buyers love options!