Modern Balustrading Trends In Home Design

vertical cable balustradesWhether your home is big or small you may have realised how easy it is to make the place look better by making small changes. Changing small aspects, such as the window frames or staircase balustrades, or even adding a flower bed to the garden can make a huge difference.

However, we believe that balustrades make the biggest difference. Balustrades are a safety device that you need to install in your home – but you have the choice to select ones that compliment your architectural and décor style.

As with everything in home décor and architecture, styles changes. Here are a few of the current trends when it comes to home balustrading:

  1. Classic balustrades

Classic-style balustrades are generally made from solid wood and are usually of a darker, rich colour. This classic style combines well with modern building design creating a sort of “retro” feel. 

You will find these classic balustrades often feature bigger posts with elaborate decorations, carvings, and turnings.

  1. Floating stairs

Floating stairs are extremely trendy lately, and while this is not a balustrade trend if directly affects balustrade trends.

The balustrades that accompany floating stairways are often more of a wall, from one floor to the next, than a railing. This type of balustrade is usually made from glass or some other light-giving material that allows the person climbing the stairs to still see the rest of the home. An example is the cable that is often used horizontally in cable balustrades. In such a situation this cable would be used vertically.

  1. Glass balustrades

Glass is a stunning material for balustrades as it lets light in, creating a wonderful open space, and it does not obstruct any views if used on balconies or around swimming pools. Glass is popular for its stylish, modern look, and for creating an illusion of bigger spaces.

  1. Stainless steel balustrades

Stainless steel balustrades are possibly the most common and most sought-after form of balustrade – this is due to the strength and durability of stainless steel.

Stainless steel balustrades come in many forms, with horizontal or vertical tubing, cable, and more. They can also come in a range of different decorative colours and patterns to match your home style and personal preference.


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