DIY – Saves You Time & Money

DO-IT-YOUR-SELF with NO hassles, it’s that EZ! EZRails Saves Lives! EZRails Made 2 Measure, is the easiest, safest balustrade system to install on site, with only basic hand tools!  YES, no welding, no grinding, no joining, no drilling, and no polishing required! Not to mention, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A POFESSIONAL TO INSTALL! Best left to EZRails design house, the professionals in D.I.Y Balustrade Systems. DSPSA, has been in the balustrade industry for 30 years with a proven track record.  Structural engineered and tested to meet all specifications Fixing in accordance with engineering specifications…

The various types of glass used in frameless balustrade systems

SPIGOT SYSTEM Heat Treated Glass Heat Treated Glass, also known as tempered glass, its production process is to enhance mechanical strength without increasing thickness and weight of glass, to reach the capability of wind load resistance, shock resistance and thermal resistance. According to different manufacture process, it can be divided into tempered glass and heat strengthened glass. PILLAR SYSTEM Tempered Glass Heat the glass to softening point through horizontal tempering furnace, and then do quick and even cooling process. It gets compression pressure on the surface, while the internal…

Frameless glass pool kit balustrades

ENSURE SAFETY The glass fencing system adds safety features for children and pets without compromising the look of the property. The fencing panel is made of tempered glass or tempered laminated glass with polished edges. All EZRails fencing features a child-safe gate self-locking system.  INCREASE BEAUTY With many elegant designs and colours on offer, you can choose whether the glass fencing system will become a feature of your garden or blend into the existing surroundings. EZRails Glass pool safety glass fencing system will add beauty, value and security to your home, complementing your garden…

What Makes EZ Rails So Easy?

So you’ve heard about EZ Rails’ easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-order DIY Railing systems, but you aren’t sure what makes them so easy? The truth is that EZ rails claims its name from being exactly what it says it is – simplicity on all fronts, not just on production, or installation, or maintenance, separately. Let’s break it down for you. Our DIY balustrade kits are the proven safer, stronger, easier-to-assemble alternative to our competitors’ products. With their overall design hinging on the idea of creating a railing system that will fit every space, they can be configured…

About DIY Balustrades

Reading the word “monopoly” somewhere undoubtedly prompts flashbacks of the ruined friendships and relationships you’ve left in your wake under the choleric influence of that infernal board game; don’t worry, we don’t you to re-live any traumatic events… quite the contrary. Why don’t you let us redefine that trigger word into something a little more positive? Let’s introduce you to a monopoly that’s actually making the world a better place: DIY steel balustrades’ fast-spreading impact on modern home remodel. This inexpensive, easy-to-install decorative piping system has sparked…

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