EZ Rails balustrades

Reading the word “monopoly” somewhere undoubtedly prompts flashbacks of the ruined friendships and relationships you’ve left in your wake under the choleric influence of that infernal board game; don’t worry, we don’t you to re-live any traumatic events… quite the contrary. Why don’t you let us redefine that trigger word into something a little more positive?

Let’s introduce you to a monopoly that’s actually making the world a better place: DIY steel balustrades’ fast-spreading impact on modern home remodel. This inexpensive, easy-to-install decorative piping system has sparked nothing short of a revolution for home designers and craftsmen alike. Why are they so popular? Let’s break it down for you:

Maintenance? What maintenance!

Regular steel or wooden handrails require a lot of upkeep. Nothing instils a migraine as quickly as hearing that what your rails need is a thorough anti-corrosion treatment followed by a new layer of paint, or a proper coat of creosote, wood oil or wood varnish tout suite. Lucky for you, these DIY balustrades can be exceptionally well maintained through a simple polish every now and then!

Traditional steel has got to be stronger, right?

Wrong. The extra 10% of Chromium added to stainless steel balustrading kits not only helps to prevent corrosion, but also improves structural integrity. The result is that they surpass much of the normal steel systems on the market today, making it every homeowner’s and designer’s dream material. The increased strength means that you’ll need that much less of it to do the job well, which opens up your options – especially if you’re going for that minimalist look.

How bad are they for the environment, though?

Well, since they’re 100% recyclable, not bad at all, really. The kit can be melted down and repurposed.

What about durability?

Not only do these balustrades easily withstand the outdoor elements, they also age exceptionally well (which isn’t always the case for wooden and plastic rails). If maintained well, they could still look brand new after a few decades of wear and tear.

There you go, the introduction of this alternative DIY balustrading system is quickly becoming a monopoly (one you don’t have to have any misgivings about). Their fast growing reputation of ticking all the boxes when it comes to railing systems will not disappoint!