Frameless glass pool kit

The glass fencing system adds safety features for children and pets without compromising the look of the property. The fencing panel is made of tempered glass or tempered laminated glass with polished edges. All EZRails fencing features a child-safe gate self-locking system. 

With many elegant designs and colours on offer, you can choose whether the glass fencing system will become a feature of your garden or blend into the existing surroundings. EZRails Glass pool safety glass fencing system will add beauty, value and security to your home, complementing your garden and pool with that extra touch of luxury.

Generally the spigots or pillars are set into a cored hole in a concrete slab or screwed onto the wood floor, but can be adapted to attach to a variety of surfaces. The glass is then fitted into the spigots or pillars and bolted through the glass to provide a secure structure. The spigots or pillars are made from corrosion resistant marine quality 316 stainless steel, designed to hold the glass above the ground whilst allowing water to flow underneath.