No Welding- No Danger!

A 3-step solution to your otherwise difficult home redo.

Let’s talk about the worst part of home renovations: the great big mess and chaos that comes with it. You would think that all renovation projects come with unavoidable dust and construction debris, but in fact, there is one that doesn’t!

Thanks to innovative design, there is an original solution on the market that will make your home remodelling a clean breeze: DIY stainless steel balustrades. The intelligent design process of these balustrades have made it possible for you to install your own kit with no fuss, and more importantly, no grinding and no welding!

This means no tedious cleaning up once you are finished the balustrade installation, and no possibility of you accidently inflicting irrevocable damage to your new product.

Why is the fact that you don’t have to weld so amazing?  

Ever realise the thick cloud of fumes that lingers around the air when you weld or grind? Well, according to medical and engineering professionals, welding is extremely hazardous to your health:

  • Metal fume fever is caused by inhaling fumes that come from welding galvanised metal that contains zinc, or stainless steel that contains iron, nickel and chromium. Symptoms of this fever includes might sweats, chills and stomach pains.
  • There is a strong correlation between harmful chemicals (like those that you breathe in while welding) and audio-nerve damage. This means that welding is actually bad for your hearing! Also, the sound of the welding itself is enough to cause minor nerve cell damage.
  • Welding can cause arc eye, which comes in the form of swelling, itching, tearing and photophobia. Long-term exposure to the light produced while welding can also cause cataracts in some people.
  • The UV and infrared radiation that is reflected off of metal while you weld is very bad for your skin and can cause skin cancer if you are exposed to it too often.

So how does it work then?

The pre-manufactured post railing system has been designed to fit any lay-out, measurement or angle. Plus, the balustrade system fits a variety post fixing/mounting options (steel, wood, concrete, substrate etc.) without compromising the installation process! No matter what project you are tackling, you only need basic tools and no professional experience.

Get started on your new DIY cable balustrade project now. Since it’s so easy and quick to do, you can have your newly renovated space cleaned up and polished within half an hour, too! Watch our videos for an in-action example of our products.

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