Salt Air Ruining your Glass Balustrades?

glass balustradesDespite living by a beautifully tranquil coastline, the amazing views come with their own set of challenges – especially if you decided on glass balustrades to compliment your house or commercial property. However, don’t let that deter you from fully experiencing your amazing views, views that most people without them get jealous over. EZ Rails Glass Balustrades offer aesthetically pleasing protection from falls and other injuries, and creates the opportunity to fully enjoy your sea-view.

Tips for cleaning your glass balustrades:

  • Use non-abrasive cleaners:

Ideally, you want to be as gentle on the glass as possible. Avoid using cleaning agents that have abrasive cleaning particles in them as this may scratch the glass. Although the scratches will be tiny, they’re still big enough for any dust particles or salt to enter.


  • Avoid mid-day sun:

The best time to clean the glass is early in the morning when the sun hasn’t fully made its appearance or when it’s still relatively cool. By cleaning the glass when the sun is harsh – as it normally is by the coast, the water/cleaning agent will leave marks on the glass faster than it would be to dry it off manually. Leaving marks from drying on the glass will give you more headaches than actually having to clean the glass in the first place.


  • Use a good moisture absorbing material for cleaning:

When drying off the glass, use a material that absorbs water easily without leaving any marks – such as a squeegee. The whole point of cleaning the glass is to get rid of marks, streaks and most importantly, salty sea air. Finish off with a dry cloth.


  • Wash the frame regularly:

Due to the salt air’ corrosion properties, it’s advisable to clean the frame at least once a month. Just like any other material used, stainless steel is susceptible to the elements – although the Coastal Option with Titanium Coating Technology is a chosen material for its high corrosion and rust-resistance. You can use regular house-hold detergent and water, nothing too harsh. Although, while you’re cleaning the glass, you might as well clean the frame as well. You don’t want to be left with crystal clear glass and a corroded frame.


  • Choose an effective protective coating agent:

Some glass manufactures already add a protective coating to prevent unnecessary scratches and dust deposits. However, you can always use a wax coating to prevent having to clean the glass as often.