Staircase Tips

stairway without balustradesIf you’re building or renovating your home, or other building, remember to pay close attention the staircase, balustrades, and handrails. Staircases often occupy prime positions in homes, and are often the first thing people see when they walk in, therefore it is important that close detail is paid in order for your staircase to make the right statement.

  1. Space will dictate what type of staircase you can install. If space is limited winder steps work well, but if you have the space landings are usually better.
  2. Try to avoid extremely long stairways – they intimidate those looking up at them. You can break up a staircase with landings and changes in direction or pitch.
  3. Be generous with space. It is very difficult to climb a flight of narrow stairs. Make sure that the architect and stair manufacturer know what you want and allocate enough space for stairs that are a decent size and easy to climb.
  4. Plan, check, and plan. While the architect may have designed the stairway to be 1metre wide, you may not have a meter of space in the end. Consider constraints and such as handrail and balustrade space when planning. The architect may not have thought of this so you will need to check.
  5. Ask the experts. If you are battling to decide on what stairway you want, or unsure what style will suit your home ask an interior designer or architect what they think –they often have good ideas and years of practice with that sort of thing.
  6. Keep it safe. Handrails along the wall, or balustrades on the side of the stairway, are a must-have safety precaution. Balustrade should be one meter high, according to regulation. Make sure that if you buy balustrades with horizontal tube or cable balustrades that the gaps between tubes are not big enough for someone to fit through. You can choose from a number of types of balustrade, but the most popular are glass balustrades and stainless steel balustrades. Glass and steel balustrades will give your home a stylish modern look, without being too trendy and going out of style quickly. They are also easier to clean and maintain.
  7. A stairway is not a playground. While we all love sliding down the stair railings as kids, no one wants their small children taking a tumble. The best thing to do if you have small kids is to install stairway safety gates on the top and bottom of the stairway.