Summer Tips: Pool Safety

swimming pool As the sun begins to warm us all up again, we find ourselves ready to jump into our bathing suits and enjoy the pleasures of swimming. If you are lucky enough to have a pool at home, make sure you are aware of the responsibility you need to take for your own and other people’s kids.

  1. Check the water’s chemical levels to make sure that the balance is correct. Too much acidity can harm people’s skin and too little chemical solution can allow organisms and bacteria to breed in the water.
  2. Don’t allow children to swim without supervision. This also goes for children that are already able to swim by themselves. A lot of accidents can happen; children can hit their heads, they can throw-up in the swimming pool and drown, they can begin performing dangerous stunts around the pool, etc.
  3. Always have pool balustrades around your pool area. This will keep young children and toddlers from wondering into the pool area when there are no adults around. You can buy DIY stainless steel balustrades or glass balustrades that are easy to put up and able to match any outdoor area.
  4. Forbid children from running around the pool. When the area around a pool gets wet, accidents happen.
  5. Learn to perform CPR for emergency situations. This is a great safety precaution to take in case a swimmer inhales water or almost drowns. If you’re fortunate enough, you will never have to perform CPR; however, knowing it is always better.

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