Technical & Why choose EZRails , Maintenance

Here are the top 12 reasons why you should choose EZ Rails as your stainless steel balustrade company:

  • Speedy onsite assembly
  • Lead time 24 hr
  • Applicable to any gradient of stairs & configurations and engineered to suit all site conditions
  • Pre-manufactured for your convenience using robotic automated ISO production processes to ensure peace of mind and quality assurance.
  • SABS safety certified fully compliant tested & approved for your convenience (copy available  on request)
  • Self -connecting, ready to assemble kit systems are safer, stronger, more affordable easier way to assemble your balustrade project without the hassles. 
  • 5-year guarantee on domestic & commercial applications
  • Skill level  3/10
  • Difficulty level  2/10
  • Saves time and money
  • No complex tools required
  • No welding, grinding, polishing, or unsightly welding marks, or rust.
  • Self Connecting, Ready to Assemble Kit Systems 
  • We offer a certificate of compliance free of charge!

  •  Be compliant the easy way! Use EZrails for all your balustrade solutions we offer 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! 


Can the EZ-Rails System be installed in difficult non-standardised areas?

Yes-Ez-Rails kit systems  complement one another to create railings and balustrades. Whether you have awkward corners, uneven floors, and difficult stairways or hard to reach areas, our systems provide a practical and simple solution to every challenge. 

Why EZ-Rails?

The EZ-Rails Systems are distinguished from others by innovative, standardised design and created with the purpose of reducing costs, improving efficiency through-out the installation process, without compromising safety and aesthetic value. No welding, Self connecting posts for a safer, stronger, more affordable professional way of installing your balustrades.  

Maintenance... Must read! 

Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, lustre, strength and durability. However, it is not stain or rust proof. Regular maintenance is required to keep stainless steel clean and free of contaminants.

Specifically formulated to clean and maintain stainless steel,EZRails Stainless Steel Cleaner removes contaminants as well as surface rust, restoring corroded, damaged and unsightly stainless steel to its former bright and shiny finish (provided that the metal is not pitted).

There are many different types of surface finish on stainless steel. Some of these originate from the mill but many are applied later during processing, for example EZRails offer, polished, brushed, blasted, etched and coloured, anti-fingerprint, anti-bacteria self-cleaning finishes.

The importance of surface finish in determining the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel.Surface finish cannot be overemphasised. A very rough surface finish can effectively increase the corrosion resistance to that of a lower grade of stainles steel.

The European standards for stainless steels have attempted to define the most common surface finishes. However, due to the proprietary nature of many suppliers’ finishes, it is unlikely that complete standardisation is possible.

Satin Finish is usually achieved with SiC polishing belts. Alumina belts are strongly discouraged for this finish, as this will have detrimental effect on corrosion resistance.

Recommended for external architectural and coastal environments where Polish Finish is favourable. 

EZRails does not give any guarantee what so ever on the use of satin 180 Grit finish (very course, rough finish) is not suitable for balustrades and architectural use. 

There is no need using satin 180 Grit very rough Stainless Steel finish with the understanding of material performance, satin 180 Grit very rough surface finish will rust and have high maintenance issues from the outset.   

We at EZRails have our loyal customer’s interests at heart and offer best practices to ensure that your investment will be protected for years to come.   


See below image of correct use of balustrade height 



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