Top 5 reasons why you NEED a spiral staircase

Diy stair railing kitsStaircases, in general, are naturally a must-have requirement when building a structure with more than one level. However, choosing the right type of staircase that suits your needs is the biggest determining factor. In this particular case, we’re focussing on sophisticated spiral staircases.





Here are the top 5 reasons why you definitely need to choose a spiral staircase:

1. They’re subtly sophisticated:

Spiral staircases have a way of subtly showing themselves off without making it too obvious. They’re there to compliment your home or office building and be used for their main purpose – while subtly adding value to your property.

2. Less space is needed:

If you already have a small space to work with, adding a spiral staircase to your property will benefit you in more ways than one. Spiral staircases take up very little space while still taking you where you need to be.

3. They’re aesthetically pleasing:

Coming in various different styles, spiral staircases are aesthetically pleasing to look at - adding value to your decorating skills even if you lack some talent in that department.

4. You can make them a statement piece:

Spiral staircases are so pretty to look at, you can even add them in the middle of your room if your space allows for it and convert them into a statement piece – to accentuate your sophisticated decorating style even more.

5. They’re easy to install:

Since they’re available in ready-to-assemble DIY stair railing kits, arriving at your doorstep in a box for your convenience. EZ Rails Staircase Handrail DIY Kits come with all the necessary parts to ensure your spiral staircase can successfully be installed from start to finish. Coming with a step-by-step manual, or the option for technical assistance, it’s a must-have reason for spiral staircases.