What is the Difference Between our Balustrade Kit Systems?

We have a wide variety of unique, ready-made custom and DIY handrail and balustrading systems in our product catalogue. You can view the range of kit systems that we offer here. But what is the difference between these kit systems and which one fits your needs the best? 


Wall mounted balustrade kit system

Wall mounted handrail systems are intended for ramps, walkways and staircases where top mounting is not an option. Its sleek design makes it suit a wide variety of styles, so it can really be used anywhere. A wall mounted system can also be installed in hospitals, public paraplegic bathrooms, old age homes and other frail care centres.





Glass balustrade kit system

The Glass system is a perfect match for modern, contemporary and industrial design styles. It is available either with or without a top rail; whichever look you prefer. Use a glass system for staircases, for balconies or around landings for optimal safety and sleek style.






Cable and tube balustrade kit systems

Cable and tube balustrading systems are very alike; their difference being style preference.

However, they are both designed and approved by structural engineers and can be used for staircases, balconies and landings. Please note that if children can climb over or through a balustrade system then it is not recommended to use around a pool or to enclose a high landing.

The tube balustrading system comes in vertical or horizontal options of thick and durable stainless steel, whereas the cable systems give an elegant and refined look with its thin and sturdy cable fill-ins. 









Fin balustrade kit system

For extra style definition in home and commercial spaces, choose a fin balustrade system. The balustrade “fin” is wider at the bottom, up to 70mm wide, and thinner at the top, 4,5mm to 6 mm wide. The fin system creates minimal obstruction to line of sight while keeping environments that have heavy foot traffic safe.






Pool baluastrade kit system

South Africa’s regulations on swimming pools and safety states that a pool has to be surrounded by a wall or fence, built or erected according to National Building Regulations.
Our glass pool system has no gaps exceeding the 100mm rule and is too high for children to climb over. All of our products are SABS approved and will keep wandering children and pets out of harm’s way. Use a glass pool system as a safe, stylish, and corrosion resistant railing application around your pool.

All of our products are safe and easy to install, and you can choose between a range of custom-made, ready-made and DIY systems. Contact us today to get started on your balustrade kit system project.