Which EZRails System Suits Your Client’s Needs?

EZRails SystemsEZRails Systems are specially designed for style and safety. Every client has different needs and wants when it comes to balustrades. For this reason, EZRails ensures that we provide the best solutions to suit different needs.


Below is a list of facts that you can tell your clients about EZRails:

1.EZRails has various styles and designs

We provide a wide range of Ready-To-Go Balustrade Systems. Our systems are available in various grades and finishes as well as Nano Ceramic Coating (NCC). Our designs include:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Glass
  • Cable
  • Side-mounted


2.Systems are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

Stainless steel railing is durable and ideal for the indoors and outdoors. We even provide Grade 316 stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and is especially ideal for humid outdoor areas, like the coast.

3.Do the systems require maintenance

Just like most products that are exposed to various elements, the systems do require regular maintenance to retain their original sheen. EZRails stocks a maintenance product that is available in a 500ml spray can. It is effective in preventing deterioration and discolouration.

4.The systems are competitively priced

EZRails Systems have a simple design and are produced in large volume. This means that time and labour costs are saved.

5.Nano Ceramic Coating (NCC) is available for stainless steel products

DPS developed a cutting edge coating, NCC, which protects stainless steel. The coating is available in different colours and finishes and is ideal for interior and exterior designs. This application ensures that stainless steel is:

  • Stronger
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Resistant to rust
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Anti-pollution
  • Anti- fingerprint
  • Anti-microbial


6.The systems can be installed in non-standardised areas

EZrails systems can be installed in difficult, non-standardised areas. The balustrades and railings have complementing components that can be installed on uneven floors, awkward corners, odd stairways and difficult to reach areas.

7.The systems can be installed in no time

An entire system can be installed within a few hours as there is no lead-time on productions. The systems are carried in stock and ready to be delivered to a site.

8.You can choose a system best suited to your home

Homes are unique with different architectural systems. Choosing balustrades and railings that not only match but enhance the aesthetical appeal of your home is important. We have different applications to suit different personal tastes and needs.

9.We have a quick lead-time

All railing and balustrading systems can be supplied within two working days of receipt of your order.

10.You can fix the systems using various methods


  1. Core drilling for cement and tile
  2. Side fix for steel, cement and wood
  3. Thread fix for steel and wood
  4. Wood fix for wood when the system cannot be secured from underneath a deck, staircase or landing


11.Gates can be matched to your desired balustrading

EZRails has unique fittings enabling a gate to be matched to the balustrading of your choice