Why bolting is better than welding for balustrades

Balustrades, DIY balustrades, stainless steel balustrades The topic has sparked debate for years in the balustrade industry. Which is better: bolting or welding? There are various factors that should be taken into account but overall we stick to the belief that bolting is better! Here’s why:



Bolting is stronger

Stainless steel is welded at 350 degrees Celsius. At this heat the material becomes magmatic; a weak spot is created in the joint and this causes damage to the critical surface area which leads to contamination and rust. By grinding and polishing the critical area a weak join is created, as most welding gets removed. Our balustrades are manufactured using an innovative auto robotic manufacturing process and they have designated predrilled openings. They are designed to be easily fastened by bolting the pieces together at the joint. This way you don’t have to sacrifice strength and durability.

Bolting is faster

Unlike welding, bolting is a fast process when it comes to balustrade installation. This is because the products are manufactured with demarcated holes for bolts. It is surprisingly easy to assemble the balustrades – you don’t need major equipment. This is why EZ Rails specifically offers DIY balustrade kits. Installation is quick and painless.

Bolting is more cost-effective

Unfortunately, welding can only be done by trained professionals and this makes for large and unnecessary expenses – welders must be compensated for their labour. Fastening your balustrades by bolting is cost-effective as you can do it yourself. You are also assured a much stronger, safer balustrade than when traditional methods are used.  

Our bolting is aesthetically pleasing

Balustrades are installed primarily for safety reasons but with our systems, you will not be forced to compensate aesthetics for safety. Welding leaves a scar-like appearance which cannot be smoothed out – only partially covered. Our bolts are strategically placed to be hidden from the exterior of the balustrade kit. Our post systems can be easily disassembled for maintenance or repairs when necessary.