Why Choose Bolt-Joined Balustrade Systems

EZRails systemsWhen installing balustrades or handrails in your home, it is your responsibility, and not only that of the contractor or installation services, to ensure that the balustrades meet safety standards and regulations.

With our EZ Rails systems, you can install your balustrades on your own! However, here are a few things to look out for during the installation process.

  1. Core drilling should be no less than a depth of 12mm and should be secured with a non-shrink grout.
  2. If grout or cement is not used, base plate fittings can be used instead (top or side-fitted) as long as they have the necessary cover depth and chemical anchors.
  3. Stainless steel balustrades should be correctly welded, or bolted together. Balustrade systems that are glued or pressed together may not meet SANS building requirements. Systems that are not connected correctly are not only unsafe but may rattle.
  4. If systems are welded together all welds need to be cleaned and ground or sanded with the correct abrasives or pickling acid.

Why we prefer bolted systems over welded systems?

EZ rails manufacturers bolted, DIY balustrade systems that anyone can install professionally. These professional, engineered balustrade systems come in the following options; tube, glass, cable, pool, side & top mounts.

Benefits of bolt-connected balustrade systems are:

  • Saves on time
  • Saves on labour and cuts costs
  • Easy, quick installation with basic tooling 
  • No welding, grinding, polishing etc. needed
  • No contamination
  • No waiting  
  • You can install it on your own
  • Does not rust
  • No unsightly welded joints
  • Systems are both safer and stronger
  • All of our products are SABS tested and approved

Our range of ready to go self - connecting balustrade systems are available in inland and coastal options as well as anti-finger print, anti-bacteria self-cleaning technology developed by Design Stainless Products. This cutting-edge technology has great resistance to humidity, acid, and rust. The coating is available in different finishes and colours thus providing a range of balustrading solutions to suit the interior and exterior design. 

The simple design and large volume production mean that the EZ-Rails systems are pre-manufactured using ISO9001 robotic automated production process to ensure peace of mind.

The EZRails systems are distinguished from others by innovative design with the purpose of reducing cost, improving efficiency throughout the installation process, improving safety and performance.