Why Everyone in the World Must Know About EZ Rails

The revolutionary system that is the balustrade in a box from EZ Rails will completely change the way architects design, the way builders build and even the way in which we interact with a space, globally.


The balustrade in a box system is the first of its kind.

The system revolutionises the installation and set-up of any railings or balustrade system. How can one system achieve all this?

By removing tedious installation steps, our balustrade system will allow you to take the reins. The handrail solution the world did not know it needed has arrived, in a nicely prewrapped box. All you need to do once you’ve decided on a product is:

  • Make a rough line drawing of your site that includes basic measurements.
  • Take a photograph of the site.
  • Email this information to sales@ezrails.co.za
  • Decide whether you would like to install the system yourself (a team is available to do it for you should you choose so).
  • Receive your quote via email.
  • Receive your delivery within the next 24H.

Installation is simple: 25% difficulty and labour intensity. You can put up your balustrade system easily with basic tools and a minimal skill level.

This system is perfect for decorative piping, handrail solutions, staircases and balustrades.

Everywhere in the world there are people removing and cracking tiles, breaking doorways, paying extra, and chipping freshly coated paint to get a balustrade system into a new home or commercial space. Stop the madness! There is a better solution and it really is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

With the drawn-out process of having railings and balustrades installed now revolutionised, the customer no longer needs to worry about unnecessary damage done to property.

Get yours today and tell everyone about how easy EZ Rails Handrail Solutions really is!