Why Glass?

glass balustrades As a home-owner, you want to keep your home looking slick and stylish without the hassle of high-maintenance features and constant work. For a stylish look that provides the safety features you need glass balustrades are the top choice among interior designers and architects.

But, you may ask why these glass balustrades are growing in popularity, and it is quite simple.

  1. Glass in not bound to a particular style or trend – it can remain in your home without going out of style. Glass is timeless.
  2. The frameless glass balustrade options are hardly noticeable to the eye providing safety and strength without blocking beautiful views.
  3. Glass balustrades give a free flow of light meaning that your balcony or pool area gets natural light. This type of balustrades makes your home and outside area seem open, airy and less cluttered.
  4. Glass is easy to clean, and above that, does not require regular maintenance as wooden balustrades might do. Glass does not need to be sanded, repainted, protected against weather etc. and therefore can be used both indoors, down a staircase, and outdoors on a balcony or as pool fencing.
  5. Glass balustrades can be custom made to fit and shape, size, space or curve.
  6. Trimmings and fittings can be added to suit your needs and style preferences.
  7. Frameless glass balustrades can be easily fitted with stainless still fittings that attach the fencing either to the ground (surface mount) or to a wall (side mount steel fitting) with stainless steel glass holders