Why Stainless Steel Balustrades Are Best.

steel is bestBalustrades are commonly made from one of three popular materials each with its own unique look and feel and each with its own pros and cons. Wood, steel and glass and the most common materials for balustrades.

Wooden balustrades:

While wooden balustrades have an “older” more classic feel to them they also get older quickly. They do however bring a warm and homey feel into the living space and, in comparison to glass and steel they are warm to the touch, this is what has kept wooden balustrades popular for so long. Unfortunately, if not treated correctly, especially when used outdoors, wood can warp, deteriorate, be eaten by termites, etc., and therefore will not lasting as long as other materials. Wooden balustrades need to be sanded down and re-painted/treated on a regular basis which can be tedious and high maintenance.

Glass balustrades:

Glass balustrades are amazing for using on balconies or around swimming pools as they do not block your view, they make the space look bigger, and the still provide all the safety features found in steel balustrades. Just make sure that frameless versions meet all the safety regulations and that your glass is the correct thickness. Glass balustrades are reasonably low maintenance but will require regular cleaning if you want to make use of the transparent element to them.

Stainless Steel balustrades:

Stainless steel is the more modern option. These railings are built to be simple but still look luxurious. Stainless steel is the most durable material for balustrades – it is non-corrosive, hygienic and low maintenance as it does not need to be painted or treated.  Also, stainless steel does not rust and is environmentally friendly.