Why You Should Consider Installing Your Own Stairs Balustrades

For some people, it’s uncomfortable to have strangers in their houses for upgrades, maintenance and necessary safety installations.  If you are one of them, why not consider minor Do-It-Yourself projects? DIY projects don’t have to be time-consuming, if you only have to assemble professionally developed components!

South Africa’s leading balustrade company EZ Rails boasts with an innovative solution for individuals to install or upgrade balustrades themselves, with absolute minimal effort.


This innovative balustrade solution is the first of its kind and proves to be a success amongst DIY enthusiasts, due to its convenience. The customer simply emails a photograph with drawn edits illustrating their measured stairs balustrade needs, with no accurate onsite measurements required. Soon thereafter EZ Rails will deliver the balustrade components for easy assembly. No welding, grinding, mitering, polishing or glue is required for assembly.

EZ Rails DIY Drawings











The required equipment for installation consists of basic hand-held tools and no professional skills are necessary. Customers are also not required to compensate for labour- this means the DIY system is an economical solution!

EZ Rails enables everyone to have access to, and to install, cutting edge designs. It also guarantees its customers satisfaction and safety. The company is SABS certified, enjoys an Acquired European (CE) mark quality assurance certificate and is certified with the green guard environmental institute. 

The DIY balustrade kit can be installed safely into concrete, tile, steel and wood surfaces located coastally or inland, residentially and commercially. Side fix and top fix options are standardised.

The pre-manufactured kits are designed to be fitted into any space, even awkward corners, uneven floors, difficult staircases and hard-to-reach areas. The systems provide practical solutions for any challenge. Installation time is 75% faster than any other balustrade manufacturer and all kits are stock items, saving time and money.

It’s now possible for all home-owners to make their homes safe for loved ones without sacrificing the elegant and aesthetic look of professionally installed balustrades. 

EZ Rails DIY Glass Balustrades