Why You Should Request a Custom Balustrade Design: 3 Reasons

custom balustradesBeing unique is what sets you apart from everyone else – making you seem not so generic or ordinary. When it comes to trends, leading by example is what makes you stand out, or in this case, makes your balustrades a one-of-a-kind design.

Here’s why you should choose custom-made balustrade designs:


1. Saving time and money:

Since there is no mass-manufacturing required, lengthy manufacturing delays and costs are automatically eliminated. Thus saving you that extra little bit of money to spend elsewhere in your home or commercial property.

2. Creating clean designs:

Requiring no hard-core tools to install, your balustrades will have a clean looking design without any welding marks. This is due to the fact that the parts fit together perfectly and are attached with strong screws. Making them, not only durable but aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

3. No onsite struggling:

Accurate onsite measuring is eliminated using our technological advancements of 3D animation and unique product designs, as well as timely and frustrating installation processes such as mitring, grinding, polishing or welding. The days of struggling to install balustrades onsite are over.

How to order:

1. Visit our Contact Us page and request a custom order.

2. One of our expert installation teams will visit your site to discuss specifications.

3. You can decide to either ‘Do-It-Yourself’, in which case you will receive an easy-to-install instruction manual.

4. Alternatively, you can request our installation team to install your balustrades for you.

For more info: Visit our Request a Custom Design Page